Featuring Karuna Ramanathan

Karuna Ramanathan, a transformative leadership expert with nearly three decades of experience, guides senior leaders and organizations through intricate transformations. As a former naval warship captain and Principal Consultant at KR Konsulting, he draws from vast experience, having designed and led over 2500 sessions.

Transformational Leadership Navigator

A certified coach by Marshall Goldsmith Global, Global Coach Group, and Erikson Executive, Karuna excels in large system change programs, co-creation, storytelling, and tacit knowledge transfer. Recognized as a top Organisation Development Consultant in 2023, his book, "Navigating The Seas of Change," serves as a 2020 leadership primer. Elevate your leadership journey with Karuna, nominated among "Asian Leaders & Achievers-2023."

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Key Talking Points

Change Leadership

Statistics show that 70% of organizational change initiatives fail. Karuna's expertise in large system change programs and co-creation techniques boosts the success rate of change initiatives.

Organizational Storytelling

Emphasizing storytelling's role in building strong teams, Karuna's book, "Navigating The Seas Of Change," introduces the 251 Storytelling Model for Leaders, adopted by UNICEF.

Digital Transformation

With HR Tech on the rise and remote work becoming vital, Karuna guides leaders through digital transformation, drawing on his experience in learning and development and government consulting.

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Recommended Podcast Audience

  • Senior executives and managers focused on transforming companies and driving organizational change.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking guidance for leading companies through significant changes.
  • Leaders in transition, navigating career changes, company mergers, or major business overhauls.
  • Executive coaches and change management consultants staying current on trends and best practices.
  • Employees aiming to build skills in change leadership and organizational transformation.
  • Business students studying leadership commitment, organizational change, and transformation.
  • Non-profit leaders and social impact organizations driving change within communities.
  • HR professionals and talent development specialists responsible for organizational change.
  • Government officials lead agencies through significant change initiatives.
  • Board members and high-level decision-makers driving change within organizations and industries.

Sample Podcast Questions

  • Influence of Naval Experience on Transformational Leadership:
    How does your background as a former naval warship captain shape your approach to transformational leadership?
  • Challenges in Remote Work and Digital Transformation:
    What are the key challenges leaders face in effectively managing teams amid the surge of remote work and digital transformation?
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in Coaching:
    In your coaching and leadership development programs, how do you integrate mindfulness practices and emotional intelligence?
  • Success in Large System Change Program:
    Could you provide an example of a successful large system change program you've designed and facilitated for an organization?
  • Use of Organizational Storytelling and Narratives in Change:
    How do you employ organizational storytelling and narratives to guide leaders and teams through change and transformation?
  • Components of Change Capability-Building Program:
    What are the key components of your change capability-building program, and how do you ensure leaders sustain change capability?
  • Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace:
    How do you foresee the evolution of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and what steps can leaders take to foster inclusivity?
  • Insights from "Navigating The Seas of Change":
    Could you share insights from your book on how leaders can become more effective change agents in their organizations?
  • Balancing Rapid Adaptation with Organizational Purpose:
    How do you balance the necessity for rapid adaptation with maintaining a sense of purpose and direction in an organization?
  • Advice for Navigating Disruptions and Uncertainty:
    What advice do you offer to leaders struggling to navigate through the current sea of disruptions and uncertainty in the workplace?

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