Leading Change,
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Empowering People to Lead Needed Change and Transformation

People Determine Change Success

At KR Konsulting, we strongly believe in the power of people to transform the organization from within. We have successfully worked with the middle core in organizations in Singapore and abroad. We believe that the middle core is key to execution. The middle core includes middle managers, project managers, team leaders and supervisors.

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Leadership Conversations, Retreats and Planning Workshops

We have over the years finetuned a tested execution process methodology to enable leaders and managers to bring transformative and innovation ideas into the organization.

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Change Leadership Programmes

Experience our successful change leadership programmes that drive transformative shifts within organisations. A 75% execution success rate is assured.

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Adaptive Team Leader Programmes

Explore our contextually designed middle manager programme, designed to equip supervisors and managers with adaptive leadership skills. A 75% success rate is guaranteed.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Benefit from Dr. Karuna's extensive experience with over 2500 hours of leadership coaching as a certified global leadership. KRK's team of associate coaches also support leaders and managers on their journey.

Organisational Narratives and Leadership Storytelling

Discover the power of the innovative 2-5-1 storytelling model pioneered by Dr. Karuna and adopted by the United Nations since 2013. Participate in change narrative development led by our experienced team.

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Data-Driven Decision-Making Workshops

Join our workshops addressing biases and transforming wisdom, knowledge, and data into confident decision-making tools for leaders and managers facing complex situations at work.

Our Commitment

The KR Konsulting team, with over two decades of experience, is dedicated to co-creating change that fuels workplace transformation. We believe in the potential for success with the right leadership emphasis at work. Our commitment extends to fostering diversity, inclusion, respect and empathy, and team belonging. We proudly guarantee successful results.

Ready to transform your organisation? Contact us today and embark on a journey of lasting success.

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Our Awards

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