Adaptive Leadership Programs

KRK strongly believes in the power and potential of the middle core in transforming organizations. Our contextually designed adaptive leadership programmes successfully shift managers, supervisors, team leaders and project managers into adaptive team leaders.

Meet Our Principal Consultant

At KRK's helm is Dr. Karuna Ramanathan, our Principal Consultant and a veteran in organizational transformation and change. Formerly the Senior Principal Change Consultant in the Singapore Government and the inaugural Deputy Head of the Center for Leadership Development in the Singapore Armed Forces, Dr. Karuna brings over two decades of internal and external consulting experience. His journey as a Dialogic Organizational Development practitioner has impacted 25,000 leaders and 500 teams. Dr. Karuna is also able to frequently relate back to his two successful warship commands in the Singapore Navy as he supports leaders and manages through difficult change.

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Expertise and Global Reach

Our diverse team of expert associates, based in Singapore and beyond, collaborates seamlessly under Dr. Karuna's leadership. Supported by a dedicated admin team, we are recognized for our demonstrated success in designing change and adaptive leadership programs, as well as our excellence in organizational diagnosis and measurement work.

Guaranteeing Transformation Success

At KRK, we stand by our commitment to our clients' transformation success. With a proven track record, we specialize in crafting change and adaptive leadership programs that resonate with diverse organizational needs.

Coaching and Facilitation

Beyond consultancy, Dr. Karuna extends his expertise to coaching senior leaders and designing impactful senior leadership retreats. Known for his ability to hold space for difficult conversations, he creates environments where transformative dialogues can unfold.

Developing Middle Managers as Leaders

Recognized for our proficiency, the KRK team is gaining acclaim for its role in developing middle managers into effective leaders. Our story is one of evolution, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in guiding organisations towards enduring success.